Keeping Synod Task Force on Hispanic Ministry Honest

Well…some years ago (actually, in 2006), former President Kieschnick created a Blue Ribbon Task Force on Hispanic Ministry (BRTFHM). I had the pleasure of participating in the proceedings and discussions with many of my colleagues. But now is time to keep the Task Force honest—and by that I mean, keeping each other accountable and keeping track of those recommendations. So here it is: The BRTFHM offered nine recommendations to Synod. I will attempt to return to each of these recommendations on a separate blog entry. So for now, let me just say that one of the recommendations (No. 4: “To Address Immigration Issues) is actually being worked on. The BRTFHM requests that the Commission on Theology and Church Relations (CTCR) take up the task of providing LCMS church workers and congregations with some guidance on their legal and biblical responsibilities for welcoming the stranger. The draft is now in its final stages and, hopefully, we can see something by next year at the very latest. It will bring a number of Lutheran frameworks to bear on immigration issues such as the reading of Scripture passages on immigrants, God’s law vis-à-vis civil law, the two kingdoms or realms, and vocation. Some case studies and practical guidelines for church workers will also be part of the document. Six or seven years later after the recommendation was made! But I’ll take it. Soli Deo Gratia.

For a copy of the BRTFHM report (in English), click here.
For an interesting discussion on immigration, click here.

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