Programs of Study

CHS offers instruction on two levels: the Entrance Level and the Seminary Level. Instruction is carried out in Spanish and considers the rich diversity of Hispanic cultural contexts in its theological and pastoral reflection. CHS offers instruction through theological education by extension, part-time residential opportunities, and computer-based systems.

Entrance (congregational) Level

The purpose of the Entrance Level program is to provide lay people in the local Hispanic congregation with a foundational knowledge of Scripture, and of Lutheran theology and practice. The courses are delivered primarily on-site at either regional centers or specific congregations. Local pastors or regional coordinators serve as course facilitators. The content of the material is delivered via DVD or Internet. Course manuals and books guide the teaching/learning activities for each course. Students complete courses as rapidly or slowly as they can effectively master the material. Upon completion of the Entrance Level program, students are prepared for various kinds of leadership and service in local congregations as lay workers under the supervision of pastors. For more information, click here.

Seminary Level

The CHS Seminary Level program is a Spanish-language part-time residential pastoral formation program of Concordia Seminary. Students who satisfactorily complete the 18-course curriculum are eligible to be certified, receive a call, and be rostered into the ministerium of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Arrangements are made for the students to come to the Seminary campus or approved regional centers to study intensive sessions under faculty who have experience working with Hispanic/Latino churches and communities. As part of their formation, students are expected to work in a ministry with a local mentor and engage in a concurrent vicarage during the last two years of their program. The program can be completed in approximately three years using a diverse system of instruction. For more information, click here.

Deaconess Studies

CHS offers a course of studies designed to prepare women to be approved, consecrated androstered as deaconesses in The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. In this capacity, students learn about deaconess service, which prepares women to provide spiritual care, servein a teaching ministry, or work in a mercy ministry in a congregational or institutionalsetting. Women who desire entrance into the program are encouraged to complete the Entrance Level program. They are then qualified to apply for admission into the deaconess formation program where they will take some of the same courses alongside pastoral formation students. Other deaconess specific courses are also taken. Students are required to complete a concurrent two-year internship as part of their deaconess formation. For more information, click here.

M.A. Track

In partnership with Concordia Seminary’s Graduate School, qualified CHS students can also apply to the M.A. program and major in Hispanic missions, Hispanic Family Studies, or Theology and Hispanic Cultures. For more information, click here.

Vicarage and Internship

The vicarage requirement component is done concurrently with the Seminary Level studies. During the first year of studies, the name of each student in the Seminary Level will be submitted to the Council of Presidents of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in order to receive a vicarage assignment. The concurrent vicarage begins sometime prior to the beginning of the second year of studies and continues through the remainder of a student’s coursework. The process for assigning an internship to deaconess students is carried out in a somewhat similar manner. For more information and vicarage reports, click here.

Continuing Education

The Center partners with Concordia Seminary’s Continuing Education Office to promote and organize its Annual Lecture in Hispanic/Latino Theology and Missions, nationwide summer workshops, and triennial Hispanic theological consultations. These events offer workers in Hispanic ministry the opportunity to understand more deeply theological and practical issues that are of significant importance to the work of the church in U.S. Hispanic/Latino communities. The Center offers continuing education in Spanish, English or bilingual formats depending on the needs of the church. There are opportunities for participants to receive continuing education credit.

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