Deaconess Studies

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In 2002, a deaconess studies program was initiated by Concordia Seminary. At the same time, plans were undertaken to develop a nondegree deaconess studies track through the Center for Hispanic Studies. The Center now offers a course of studies unique for Latinas. The student must complete 16 courses, which include some courses taken alongside men preparing for the pastoral ministry and other courses specific to deaconess formation. The process for assigning an internship to deaconess students and for placing deaconess candidates into their office will be carried out in a manner similar to vicarage assignment and final placement of pastoral candidates. For more information on the deaconess internship, click here.


  • EO705S Exodus and the Torah
  • EO707S Isaiah and the Prophets
  • EN705S The Synoptic Gospels
  • EN706S John and the Catholic Epistles (or EO707S Psalms and Writings)
  • EN707S The Pauline Epistles and Acts
  • S115S Systematics I
  • S116S Systematics II
  • S117S Systematics III
  • S124S Lutheran Confessions I
  • S125S Lutheran Confessions II
  • H130S The Lutheran Reformation
  • P180S Foundations of Deaconess Ministry
  • P185S Spiritual Care of Women
  • P454S (H458S) Christianity in Latin America and U.S. Latino Contexts
  • 2 Electives*

*Deaconess students are required to take two electives offered at the Seminary level. Electives include courses such as:

  • P418S Family Ministry
  • P424S Youth Ministry
  • S100S Lutheran Mind
  • S433S Man and Woman in Christ

To see the Curricular Plan (Deaconess Formation) by year, click here.

Application Process

To apply to the Deaconess Studies program at the Center for Hispanic Studies, please download the application, fill it out, and send it to:

Concordia Seminary Office of Admissions
801 Seminary Place, St. Louis, MO 63105
800-822-9545 (phone)
314-505-7229 (fax)