Entrance (Congregational) Level

This level currently includes 10 courses whose overall objective is to provide laypeople in the local Hispanic congregation with a foundational knowledge of Scripture and of Lutheran theology and practice. Each course contains lessons that can be delivered by DVD or Internet, and includes accompanying manuals and workbooks. Although each lesson is taught in Spanish, certain courses have English subtitles. In such courses, the student is able to choose a study manual in either Spanish or English. The Entrance Level helps students acquire good and fruitful study habits, which often foster interest in further studies at the Seminary Level. Students who finish the 10 courses receive a certificate that will enable them, if so desired, to be considered and recognized as layworkers in the church.

Entrance Level Requirements

  1. Complete an application to the Entrance Level.
  2. Be a member of the Lutheran Church for at least one year.
  3. Use primarily Spanish in daily life, or work and live among Spanish-speaking peoples.
  4. Be an active member in the local congregation.
  5. Present a letter of recommendation from the pastor of the congregation.
  6. Completion of high school or its equivalent, and preferably some university studies.
  7. Read, speak, and write Spanish.

Entrance Level Curriculum

  1. EXE101, People and Events of the Old Testament
  2. EXE102, People and Events of the New Testament
  3. EXE103, Jesus of Nazareth, My Lord (Life of Christ)
  4. EXE200, Hermeneutics
  5. SYS101, We Witness to Our Faith (Christian Doctrine)
  6. HIS101, People and Events of Christian History
  7. HIS120, Luther and the Reformation
  8. PRA101, The Bible and the Hispanic Family
  9. PRA200, Music and Worship
  10. PRA220, Methods of Education