Pastoral Formation

Those who satisfactorily complete the Entrance Level (or its equivalent) may submit their application for admission to the Seminary Level, which is a Spanish-language part-time residential pastoral formation program of Concordia Seminary. Arrangements are made for the students to come to the Seminary campus or to approved regional centers for intensive sessions under faculty who have experience working with Hispanic/Latino churches and communities. The student must complete 18 courses, as well as a concurrent vicarage that begins in the second year of formal studies. The program is completed approximately in four years using a diverse system of instruction and methodologies. For more information on the vicarage program, click here.

Admission Requirements of the Seminary Level

  1. Satisfactory completion of the Entrance Level program of the Center or its equivalent.
  2. Completion of an application for admission to the Seminary Level program of the Center for Hispanic Studies.
  3. Satisfactory interview report from district.
  4. Submission of a letter of recommendation from the student’s pastor.
  5. Submission of a letter of recommendation from the District President.
  6. Background check.
  7. Application fee of $50
  8. Official high school/college transcripts.

For a more detailed and updated list of requirements, click here.


  • EO705S Exodus and the Torah
  • EO707S Isaiah and the Prophets
  • EN705S The Synoptic Gospels
  • EN706S John and the Catholic Epistles (or EO707S Psalms and Writings)
  • EN707S The Pauline Epistles and Acts
  • S115S Systematics I
  • S116S Systematics II
  • S117S Systematics III
  • S124S Lutheran Confessions I
  • S125S Lutheran Confessions II
  • H130S The Lutheran Reformation
  • P101S Pastoral Ministry
  • P103S Pastor as Counselor to Individuals and Families
  • P130S Homiletics I
  • P131S Homiletics II
  • P140S Worship
  • P454S (H458S) Christianity in Latin America and U.S. Latino Contexts
  • P470S Parish and Missional Administration


The vicarage requirement component is done concurrently with the Seminary Level studies. During the first year of studies, the name of each student in the Seminary Level will be submitted to the Council of Presidents of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in order to receive a vicarage assignment. The concurrent vicarage begins during the second year of studies and continues through the remainder of a student’s coursework.

Certification and Calls

Once a call is imminent or being actively sought, the student will require certification for pastoral ministry from the faculty of Concordia Seminary upon satisfactory completion of the coursework, vicarage, and theological interview requirements of the Seminary Level. The Council of Presidents will receive the name of the certified student and consider the candidate for the pastoral office. It is hoped that the candidate will receive a call from the congregation in which he served as vicar.

Application Process

To apply to the Seminary Level program at the Center for Hispanic Studies, please download the application, fill it out, and send it to:

Concordia Seminary Office of Admissions
801 Seminary Place, St. Louis, MO 63105
800-822-9545 (phone)
314-505-7229 (fax)